We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.

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Developing value for a brighter tomorrow

Haakeng creates a holding of creative businesses that shape our world in the present and future.

Haakeng develops partnerships with investors of various levels and degrees, creating an opportunity fund designed to utilize best investment practises which create value and revenue for our shareholders.

Haakeng invests in the brightest businesses of tomorrow

Haakeng focuses on making creative investments into aspiring and innovative companies at the growth stage. Industry focuses include hospitality, BPO/BPA, and cleantech manufacturing.

Fostering positive and creative business technology

Our Think Tank division is strictly dedicated to creating advancements in business technology. These are the folks who create innovative ways to manage business tech needs, and balance them with advancements in the field. Out of this division comes our greatest products and services for clients.

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