We partner with startup, early-stage, and existing firms to develop and enhance management development, including fund and investment company operational management services.

What We Do

About Us

Developing value for a brighter tomorrow

Haakeng Capital Group is an investment management company that focuses on industry sectors of high growth potential including real estate, fintech, renewable energy, and technology.

Haakeng Capital Group works with startups, early-stage, and growth stage companies that are seeking to further enhance their management services. We create value through our growing team of experts who navigate our company and our client’s firms through their expertise and backgrounds across various industry sectors.

Haakeng invests in the brightest businesses of tomorrow

Haakeng also invests into aspiring and innovative companies at the growth stage. We are currently putting our energy into real estate and technology sectors which are highly opportunistic and help solve the problems of today and tomorrow through innovation and sound business practices.

Fostering positive and creative business technology

Our current regions include the United States and United Kingdom. We plan to expand over the next five years into Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

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